LogFrogs.com started out as a resource for log home builders and brought you the "Log Frog" Building cleat. Log Frogs has been a big promoter of the amazing work, products and teachings of internationally-known builder, author and instructor, Robert W. Chambers.  

Known for his Number One best selling Log Construction Manual and his DVD Set Box 1 - Building Log Homes used and accepted as gospel by log home building crews worldwide for training in log home construction.  

Chambers was President of The International Log Builders Association, or ILBA for 5 years, and now edits their quarterly publication, Log Building News.  

Chambers' scribers were introduced a few years ago and are the most advanced self-plumbing log home scribers on the market. You'll find the tools used by top crews around the world here and with helpful tips on their use. If you have a favorite tool or even a new way to use an existing one, please share your ideas with us, as we aim to help builders build as efficiently as possible. Enjoy our other collections and keep coming back to LogFrogs.com.  

Eric Latocki