Building Log Homes DVDs - Box Set 1 - Building Log Walls

Building Log Homes DVDs - Box Set 1 - Building Log Walls

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Robert W. Chambers brings his best-selling step-by-step log building instructions to DVD.  Building Log Walls, his first in his series on full scribe log joinery, brings his world renown hands on workshops right into your living room.  Teacher to the top log building companies worldwide, he brings the exact methods for perfect log fits to life exactly like he teaches in his live workshops that cost thousands of dollars and up to a month to attend.

It was 12 or so years ago when I first asked Robert Chambers why there wasn’t a detailed step by step DVD set that would walk others through just how to build a real full scribe log structure. He said there were. But they all lacked in many key areas. When I was one of the first to hear that he was taping his new log building DVD set, I knew right away that these were going to be something completely different from what was available.  When I watched the DVD for the first time, I was amazed at how fast it all came back to me having last attended his workshop back in 1998.  Now, I can watch it again and again as the perfect reference during any log home build.  This is 5 hours of teaching in Set 1 and Set 2 is being shot as we speak in New Zealand…

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If you don’t know Robert W.Chambers, he is the most well respected teacher of intensely sought after hands-on lessons in Log Home Building Instruction.  Former President of the International Log Builders Association and Editor of their quarterly publication, Log Building News, and the author of countless articles and magazine contributions, Chambers offers you what I and a few very lucky builders have experienced, Robert W. Chambers one on one instruction.

How to build log a log home DVDs

Learn up close, just as if you were in the live class.

Building Log Homes: the video companion to Robert Chambers’ best selling Log Construction Manual.

Boxed Set 1 Building Log Walls Boxed set includes: 3 DVD discs — a total of 5 hours of video instruction

Outside North America address (NTSC available now, PAL format available later) *** see note below ***

 ”My goal is to have the best how-to-build log home videos, and sell them at the lowest price. You can’t beat that!” Robert Chambers

What’s in Boxed Set #1?

3 DVDs ~ 5 hours of video Log Wall Skills & Techniques!!!

It starts from the bottom up and you’ll learn just how important those very first logs are to get right -or else!

How do you get hairline fits no matter how crooked and full of character your logs may be? Scribing! This method is over 2000 years old and you’ll know how to do it right and perfectly even if this is your very first log home project.

Cutting log notches, how to cut notches, learn log home building DVD

Safety, Speed, Money

Scribing (marking where to notch logs), scoring, cutting, carving, and brushing corner notches. How to cut sill logs, long grooves, scribing and cutting flyways (overhangs), tools, what are good trees?

How do you get the thick bark off?

You’ll know just how to do it and not ruin your logs in the process.

You’ll know how to debark and peel logs fast and efficiently so this task doesn’t eat up your time and budget.

Learn how to find the widest gap and set your scribers for the long groove scribing.

What about the corner notches?

Isn’t it highly laborious and back breaking to cut those notches? Not the way you’ll learn how to do it! In fact, this method is the fastest way to cut absolute hairline accurate corner notches and flyways at amazing efficiency without knocking yourself out in the process!

Plus, how to snap chalk lines the right way! We see so many people doing totally wrong, you won’t be one of them once you learn the proper methods taught in Building Log Walls DVDs.

Turn your chainsaw into a lumber maker without any attachments! That’s right, you’ll be a master at cutting accurate and smooth flats on any log and others will beg you to show them how to rip with a chainsaw and flatten logs. You’ll learn brushing and sweeping techniques that only the pros know.

“I’ve always heard that log homes are a pain to run plumbing and install windows because of the settling.”

That’s because those builders were not trained properly with the simple but effective solutions that make installing plumbing and windows and door openings in even two story log homes a breeze.

All the tricks of the trade are yours to watch over and over again in your own video library. No more getting stuck on one key concept in a book or article. Just watch it done and go back to the building and perform it.

Learn how to use your older style scribers and also learn how to “plumb” your scribers. If you don’t have scribers yet, you’ll be shown the self-plumbing models that save an amazing amount of time and are available on our website.

What about those complicated compression-fit settling and adjusting corner notches? Can a beginner learn how to do that? Absolutely. These methods are designed to make the log home structure get tighter and tighter as the structure shrinks and settles! No crazy air gaps and places for critters and bugs to penetrate! This is Scandinavian scribe fit log joinery at its highest form.

How to cut corner notches

Learn Robert Chambers' corner notch technique, "cut-carve-brush".

Learn how to cut curves like saddle-scarfs (blazes, receivers), how to put logs onto the walls, the right way to line-up one-notch logs, sill log layout, how to use my selection “rules” to choose which of your logs to use next, drilling holes for electrical and through-bolts, kerfing logs to locate checking, how to organize the work so it is efficient and faster, and more . . .

Log Wall Fundamentals

Why we alternate butts & tips in each layer, average gain, selection maps, how to get the selection “Rules” for your logs, sill logs–the most important logs in your home, why saddle notches stay tight over time, how to use underscribing to ensure tight fits, how to use one-notch logs to save money (and logs!), the best chainsaw chains for each task, and more . . .

Learn how to build log walls.

Butt, Butt, Tip, Tip. Learn how to build log walls fast.

Professional Tips & Tricks of the Trade!

You’ll have those aha! moments as you learn exactly what it’s like to do things right the first time -like cutting backhanded! You’ll learn this fast way to get to the scribe line accurately and ensure perfect fits every time. Learn how the pros keep corners 90 degrees and build level!

What tools are needed? You’ll see with your own eyes exactly what tools are used, how to use them, and where to get them.

Robert Chambers has developed some amazing methods and his dynamic animations really make these “ideas” come to life and let you see just why doing the wrong way versus the right way is so avoidable.

These eye-opening animations clearly illustrate these critical log-building fundamentals that have never been seen before anyplace on this planet!!

Will I be fully trained in all the methods as if I were in a class? Yes!

But what an advantage! You can have a face to face learning experience that you can access any time you need. You won’t be getting a glazed over beginners’ version of how to build log homes. As a former student, I assure you, these DVDs are the real uncensored and un-adulterated masters course in log joinery. How I wish they were available to me so many years ago! Once you learn these methods and put them into motion, you’ll be well trained as any one of Robert W. Chambers former students. Robert Chamber’s DVDs will show you how to build fast, efficient, safely, and like a true pro.

You’ve waited long enough to build that dream home or lake cabin.

What are you waiting for a DVD collection to show you how? Well, no more excuses! Order the DVDs today and you’ll be miles ahead in your quest for the ultimate log building experience.

Remember, there is absolutely NO RISK!

Lern log cabin building from Robert Chambers

Absolutely no risk! Order today and build your log home!

*Once your order is placed, we will ask which format you desire.

* Europe, much of Russia, Australia, South America, and New Zealand use PAL video format.

* Some PAL (and SECAM) – DVD players and computers will play these NTSC discs, and some won’t — you must read your owner’s manual. Sample Clips from my DVDs.

 You want this!  The Log Construction Manual by Robert W. Chambers

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