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 Your Quick Log Home Building Tools Reference:

With questions always coming in about what log building tools and methods are best, we’ve assembled a quick reference for the log home tools we have found to make log building easier and safer.  What’s great about our list is it provides links to make purchases, read reviews, compare models and get the best online prices.  If you have a favorite log building tool not seen here, please share your thoughts with us.  We never share your information with anyone!

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  • Log Frogs log building cleats do more than hold logs, they allow you to rotate logs in place too! – Log Frogs – The better alternative to “Log Dogs“.
In a era where the norm is for a product to made to the minimum requirements, I was not prepared for what was in the box from you.
The Log Frogs completely surpassed my expectations.
These things are AWESOME!!
I’m showing these Frogs to everyone!”
Thanks again,


Our Top Sellers!  If you’re building log cabins or full sized log homes, you need the best log home tools for the best price.  Here are products we know you’ll need.  Why pay more?

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Log Frogs help to rotate logs or hold logs securely for scribing, cutting, notching, peeling and sanding.  Here they are hard at work in Alaska.

Log Frogs "Log Dawgs" Log Dogs, log building cleats replace log spikes.

Log Frogs making log building easier in Alaska

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Log Frogs in Rotation position.

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How to build a log cabin

Where there’s a will… Log Frogs Cleats in action.

Thank you to Karl Swanson for showing us your Log Frogs at work on a log sauna project going up in Alaska!

Log Frogs building cleats,

The Log Construction Manual by Robert Chambers,

Building Log Walls DVD set by Robert Chambers, and

Chambers Log Home Scribers.
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