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Log Manual Cover Revised

2016 Revised Full Color Edition! Now Available!

“I’m pleased to announce that there will soon be a revised edition of my best-selling book, the Revised Log Construction Manual.

It was first printed in 2002 — quite a while ago! — and while I have made some revisions each time it’s been printed, I decided that it was time for a fully revised edition.
So, now the book is in 100% color. ALL the photos are now in color, more than 50 photos are new, the drawings are now in color, and are revised and updated, and many drawings are new.  Several chapters have been completely updated—for example the log truss chapter now includes my new truss construction method that I’ve been teaching at ILBA conferences, and in yards of pro builder’s throughout North America. The new method is also the simplest, by far, of all the methods—so do-it-yourselfers benefit most.” -Robert W. Chambers

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Learn to build log homes using ancient scribe fit log joinery just like the professionals, using the same guides, same tools, and techniques accepted worldwide by the International Log Builders Association.  LogFrogs.com is your Quick Log Home Building Reference for Log Construction Manuals, How-to Build Log Home DVD Series, tools, and techniques for log home building.

Scroll down for the Tools-You-Need list!  With questions always coming in about what log building tools and methods are best, we’ve assembled a quick reference for the log home tools we have found to make log building easier and safer.

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Log Frogs log building cleats do more than hold logs, they allow you to rotate logs in place too! – Log Frogs – The easier and faster alternative to “Log Dogs“.

In a era where the norm is for a product to be made to the minimum requirements, I was not prepared for what was in the box from you.
The Log Frogs completely surpassed my expectations.
These things are AWESOME!!
I’m showing these Frogs to everyone!”
Thanks again,

Order Log Frogs (two pair needed for each log being worked on)

 What Manual is used worldwide in log building schools to train professional log builders?
The Log Construction Manual by Robert Chambers #1 Best Selling Log Home Instruction Guide!

After reading the Log Construction Manual and referring to it for many years on each building project, Robert Chambers then released his Building Log Homes DVD Series that illustrates the concepts found in the manual.  The DVDs bring the concepts in the manual to life and clarified them.  I highly recommend both to any builder new or experienced.  I certainly think you will enjoy them and benefit from them as much as I have.

Building Log Homes DVDs (Set 1) by Robert Chambers

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Tools-You-Need List (these are clickable links)

Robert Chambers Scribers (scribes) Read Review

Chainsaw Helmets

Face Shields

Chainsaw Chaps

Steel Toed Shoes with GRIPPY SOLES! Log Builder recommended!

Anti-Vibration Gloves

Hearing Protection

Spense Logging Tape Measures

Stainless steel carpenter rulers Used for measuring lateral long grooves and clearing chips

Plumb Bobs

Chalk Lines

Safety Glasses / Goggles

Chainsaws | Chainsaw Chain | Chainsaw BAR Oil | Chainsaw 2 Cycle Oil

Grinders / Sanders

Curved Base Planers

Effective Practices and Methods for Handcrafted Log Home Construction From the International Log Builders Association ILBA

A Boy’s Big Book of Jigs

Log Span Tables for Floor Joists, Beams and Roof Support Systems
by A. Mackie, N. Read, T. Hahney.

The Swelling and Shrinking of Wood: A Practical Technology Primer
by Otto Suchsland


Dead Blow Mallets (for chiseling notches) | Wood is Good Mallets (Love them)

Chisels 1″ for around notches, and a 1.5″ or 2″ for electrical boxes

Cordless Drills

Hole Hawg Heavy Duty Drill is a must for through bolt holes

Forstner Bits Screw tips are best.  Extensions are needed for deeper drilling

Grinders 4 1/2” and 7″ Grinders4 1/2″ sanding discs  7″ sanding discs

Log Home Gasket / Backer Rod

Saw Mills

Window and Door-Cutting Chainsaw Guide Jigs

Tenon Cutters  For railings, furniture

4000 PSI Pressure Washers | Debarking Tips


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Log Frogs help to rotate logs or hold logs securely for scribing, cutting, notching, peeling and sanding.  Here they are hard at work in Alaska.

Log Frogs "Log Dawgs" Log Dogs, log building cleats replace log spikes.

Log Cleats, Log Dogs, Log Frogs, Log tools, Log Building Cleats, Log Building Dogs

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Order Log Frogs Pairs Here

How to build a log cabin

Thank you to Karl Swanson for showing us your Log Frogs at work on a log sauna project going up in Alaska!

Log Frogs building cleats,

Revised! Log Construction Manual by Robert W. Chambers,

Building Log Walls DVD set by Robert Chambers, and

Chambers Log Home Scribers.



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